Supercharge your ShapeShift Experience

Introducing a new loyalty program for our most foxy users! ShapeShift Members can choose from five membership levels, with various benefits for each level. Membership is represented by the new FOX token.

Don’t miss out! The first 100,000 users to complete account sign up
will receive 100 FOX tokens!

Harness the power of a ShapeShift Membership
across all of our products

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Higher Trade Limits

Execute higher limit trades (up to $10,000 maximum transaction size for Level 1 Members)

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Rewards on Trading Volume

You’re trading your assets already. Why not get rewarded for it?

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Improved User Experience

Access trade shortcuts, more personalized customer experience and transaction history (coming soon) through your account dashboard.

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Early Access to New Coins, Products and Services

With a ShapeShift Membership be the first to know about new coins, products and services.

Why Membership?

Hear from our Founder and CEO, Erik Voorhees, as he explains the journey behind our new Membership program and why we’re so excited to share it with our users.

How It Works

Learn how to sign up for membership and navigate through your new account portal.


Browse through these FAQs to find answers to commonly asked questions about the new ShapeShift Membership Program.

ShapeShift Membership is best described as an advanced loyalty program. There are five levels (1-5) of Membership. Benefits vary per level, and are immediately available upon acquiring a membership. Level 1 is free, and will remain free permanently. Level 2-5 will require the possession of FOX tokens. These higher levels are not open yet, and details on these levels will be available later this year.

Members receive a lot of benefits, depending on level. These benefits may include higher trading limits, rewards on trading volume, better pricing, private market and trade data, and early access to new coins, products and services. In addition, through their account portal, users will have access to new features such as transaction history, trade shortcuts and more personalized customer service.

The ShapeShift Membership Program will be represented by tokens, which will have a number of features and functions when they become available, with a standard Ethereum-based token (symbol: FOX).

Customers can achieve Level 1 Membership without any FOX tokens, but to become a Level 2-5 Member, one must possess FOX tokens. The tokens will also be awarded to Members both as bonuses on trade volumes and through various promotions and giveaways.

FOX tokens will represent only the means to acquire a ShapeShift Membership and the related membership benefits.

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