ShapeShift Skeleton tool enables any website to allow instant purchase or sale of digital assets and cryptocurrencies. The tool allows for exchanges to be made by a site’s users without them leaving the site.

Skeleton’s code is free and open-source and offers a template that is customizable, giving integrators the ability to brand the tool with their own assets and colors.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Skeleton tool is implemented as a modal (see Question 2, “What is a modal?”), allowing a site’s users to trade digital assets without ever having to leave the platform. Companies are able to create a more seamless experience for their users, providing easy access to digital assets in a safe and secure environment.

When Skeleton is implemented onto a platform and a front-end user decides that they would like to trade tokens, the Skeleton tool pops up in a modal so that the user is not redirected from the existing service platform. If they choose to trade tokens via Skeleton, or decide not to, they can do so without ever leaving the original website platform.

For partners with questions or concerns about their Skeleton implementation, ShapeShift has a dedicated support team that can be reached for API and implementation troubleshooting via our Partner Slack channel.

Users who have transaction issues while using Skeleton should reach out to the customer support center of the host website. ShapeShift and it’s affiliates have established lines of communication, so once you’ve reached out to our partner, they’ll know how to reach us accordingly.

Those interested in learning more about the Skeleton tool can reach out to learn more about the ShapeShift affiliate program here.