ShapeShift for Business

Let's assume your website currently accepts Bitcoin, but you want exposure to other cryptocurrencies also (because that means more customers for you).

ShapeShift's API solves this. It lets your service receive (or send) many different cryptocurrencies. They will be converted automatically (and instantly)
to or from Bitcoin.

This means you can now support many cryptocurrencies without extra development work for each currency. No need to manage multiple wallets, blockchain databases, and code branches.

The ShapeShift API is your answer.

Use Case #1

The Merchant

Your website sells goods or services, and takes Bitcoin as payment (maybe you're NewEgg, Overstock, or Expedia?)

Use the ShapeShift API to let your users pay with Litecoin or other cryptocurrencies. You'll still get the Bitcoin like before, because ShapeShift will take care of the conversion for you.

Use Case #2

The Bitcoin Site

Your website accepts Bitcoin deposits (maybe you're a wallet, a gaming site, or an ad network?)

Use the ShapeShift API to let your users deposit Litecoin or other cryptocurrencies. It will be auto-converted into Bitcoin. You'll reach new markets and make your customers happy.

Use Case #3

The Sender

Your website sends out Bitcoin to users (maybe you're a faucet, or mining pool, or affiliate program?)

Use the ShapeShift API to give your users the option to receive Litecoin or other cryptocurrencies. This gives you an edge on the competitors.

For more information on accepting or processing other crypto currencies with ShapeShift's API,
please email us at [email protected]