Getting Started

The Order ID is created uniquely for your exchange. It is the easiest way to track your ShapeShift transaction.

You can find your unique transaction ID (TXID) on the blockchain. Sometimes, it is also listed in your wallet as an identifier that your coins have been sent and confirmed. This article can help you locate it if you need to cite a transaction.

A Quick exchange has no timer and does not require a specific amount to be sent for a successful exchange. A Precise exchange requires a specific amount to be sent and has a timer. If the timer expires, the exchange will fail. This article provides further details.

Payment IDs and destination tags are unique to Monero (XMR) and Ripple (XRP). For a successful exchange, you will need to provide ShapeShift’s payment ID or destination tag in addition to sending to our address. If your wallet requires either a payment ID or destination tag, you will need to provide yours as well to experience a successful exchange. This article provides further detail.

Your ShapeShift deposit address is the address provided for you to send your coins to in order for the exchange to take place.

In case your exchange fails, our system can auto-return your digital assets to you, but we will need an address to send the deposited coin back to. For example, if you send us BTC, you should enter your preferred BTC address. This will allow us to send your submitted coins back to you if necessary.

When an exchange fails, our system will auto-return the funds as long as a return address was provided.

If you would like us to consider adding an assets to the Exchange, we need you to fill out this form. We get dozens of requests every day, and submitting your requested asset does not ensure it will be added. New assets will be announced on our social media channels, so follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Though the majority of ShapeShift exchanges are successful, there are a few reasons that your exchange may fail. Some of our most common reasons for failure are expired timers, insufficient deposits, exchanges that are over/under the limit, multiple output transactions, and out of gas errors.

A miner fee is a network fee. ShapeShift offers a flat rate miner fee to assure that transactions are successful across the network. You can find more details here.

Transactions have a cost to be sent across the network. Even failed exchanges have a cost.

Coins are temporarily taken offline so that we can perform some basic maintenance. This article provides further detail.

App stores have rules and regulations, which we must follow. We offer less coins on the app to be sure that we are following the rules. If you need to make an exchange and your coin of choice isn’t available in the Android or iOS app, visit the website.

Exchanges can take from thirty seconds up to several hours. If your exchange has not completed after 48 hours, please reach out to our support team. If you want to learn more about exchange times, this article can help you further.

If your order status page has been in “awaiting exchange” for some time, we are processing the output transaction of your exchange.

Our exchange rate is derived from a number of market sources. ShapeShift also offers no slippage exchanges.

You can generate a reusable address on ShapeShift via the website. If you send to the same address twice and it is NOT a reusable address, your exchange will fail. Instructions to generate a reusable address are available here.

A phishing scam is a scam in which a party gains your trust and uses it to gain something from you, whether it is fiat, a digital asset, or something else of value. This may come in the form of a website, an email, or even an instant message. Remember to stay secure when exchanging digital assets.

If you sent the wrong type of coin to the ShapeShift deposit address that you were given, reach out to ShapeShift Support. In some cases, we can begin a delicate and intensive process called “extraction”. Unfortunately, there are some cases in which your coin may be lost. It is pertinent to assure that you send the correct type of coin to your ShapeShift deposit address.

If you have an exchange issue that our Help Desk cannot answer, please contact ShapeShift Support. We’re here to help!

As per ShapeShift’s Terms and Conditions, you have 90 days to claim a refund on a failed exchange.

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