• for Android Devices Now Available

    After releasing the iOS app back in January 2016, we have had constant requests for the Android version of our app and we are happy to announce that we have released CoinCap for Android!, which is a realtime market data website created and supported by, allows for viewing of digital assets in realtime on the web-version of the site. The smart phone application for both iOS and now, Android devices, boasts additional features not available on the desktop version.

  • A Timeline: ShapeShift Hacking Incident

    Over the last few weeks, was the victim of several hacking incidents that ultimately resulted in us having to take down the website in order to fully investigate the hackings as well as rebuild infrastructure and securities. In order to provide you, our users, with a full breakdown of our reporting, we are releasing this post, which compiles all articles and updates that were released publicly to explain the scenarios. We compile this information for you, as it is of utmost importance to us that we are transparent with our loyal users.

  • Join the ShapeShift Public Slack Channel

    Have you ever been poking around and thought "Man, I sure wish I could ask a quick question to the ShapeShift team!" Well, your wish is our command! Enter, ShapeShift Community channel on Slack! We want to be able to connect with you, our foxy customers, a little more easily. Sign up here:

  • Altcoin Payment Plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce Webshops

    We love to see the innovative ways different companies in the crytpocurrency space integrate with our services. Earlier this week, reported on one of our most recent Shifty Button integrators, CryptoWoo, a digital currency payment plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce webshops. 

  • NEW! for iPad

    Here at ShapeShift we work hard to provide our foxy users with as many exchange options as possible. That's why we are pretty pumped to now be able to offer user with the option of buying or sell their cryto assets straight from their iPad! That's right, ShapeShift now has an iPad app!

  • How Does ShapeShift Calculate Rates?

    From the dawn of ShapeShift time, our users have consistently asked us how we calculate our rates. So it's about darn time we wrote a post to explain! Let's start with the basics.

    When doing a ShapeShift exchange, you will notice we provide you with an "Instant Rate". Many people message us and ask what fees we remove from this rate. The answer is, nothing, outside of the receiving coin's miner fee. SEE A LIST OF MINER FEES HERE. Continue reading to learn more about this topic...

  • ShapeShift如何计算费率?

    自从 ShapeShift出现以来,我们的用户就不断问我们是如何计算费率的。现在是时候做一篇解释性说明了!我们先看看一些基本概念。


  • Original vs. NEW

    We began rolling out the new website at the end of February 2016. Many people have been asking why we have created this new user interface and how to use the features that are now provided. Since our inception in August of 2014, we have added many new features and options for our users. Over this time, we realized that the original user interface began to look cluttered and was becoming increasingly more difficult for us to explain how to use each feature without the screen getting cluttered. Thus, we have been working to provide you with a new user experience, clean and clear and easier to use. 

  • 新旧ShapeShift.io版本对比



  • ShapeShift 101: How to do "Precise" order on [PHOTOS]

    Most of our ShapeShift users know how to do our basic "Quick" transactions, but many do get confused with how to utilize our "Precise" orders, nor do they understand the benefits or differences between the two. Here we will walk you through why you would want to use the Precise options and well as step-by-step instructions on how to successfully complete a Precise order.