• Magento 2 Integrates with ShapeShift Providing Digital Asset Payments

    The importance of cryptocurrency is hard to overestimate, and since it is growing continuously, the urgent need to add new payment options to popular e-commerce services is increasing in direct ratio. Therefore, the community of enthusiasts develops such tools as Magento 2 ShapeShift extension by Firebear. Below, we shed light on core aspects of the popular e-commerce platform as well as describe the Magento 2 module - a free solution that provides the ability to use ShapeShift on Magento 2 websites

  • Note on Delisting Digital Assets

    As part of our ongoing diligence to keep our services compliant with global regulations, ShapeShift has chosen to delist a few digital assets from the exchange, as they may have a risk of being classified as securities. The delisting of these assets is not a statement on whether or not the assets are in fact securities, but we want to take a conservative approach.

  • ShapeShift Terms of Service Update: What You Need to Know

    As part of our ongoing mission to provide maximum transparency to customers, we’d like to let you know that our Terms of Service have been updated.

  • ShapeShift Now One of the Leading SegWit Adopters

  • Notes on Leaving the State of Washington

    Today, ShapeShift joins some of the world’s most innovative blockchain technology companies in leaving the State of Washington.

  • ShapeShift and Tokens as Securities

    Recently, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), a US-based financial regulator, has taken the position that a specific type of blockchain ledger entry, the Ethereum-based token known as The DAO Token (defunct since a code exploit was discovered over a year ago), should be considered a security – specifically an investment contract, as contemplated under the U.S. Securities Act of 1933. SEC also emphasized that it may consider other tokens to be securities, based on their specific properties.

    ShapeShift, from its beginning, has been built to be the safest, fastest digital asset exchange on Earth.  We don’t just take consumer protection seriously: we created an entirely new model that doesn’t endanger users in the first place. ShapeShift was the first exchange to build this kind of technology.

    Here is how we are handling this new regulation for customers residing in the United States. 

  • ShapeShift AG Acquires Bitcoin Hardware Wallet Maker, KeepKey

    ShapeShift AG is excited to announce that we have acquired Seattle-based KeepKey, a secure hardware wallet for digital assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

    With a focus on ease and security, the vertical integration of KeepKey and ShapeShift enables users to safely store assets on a KeepKey device, while trading these assets directly over the ShapeShift API from the device's interface.

  • Accepts Dozens of Digital Assets Through ShapeShift Integration

  • Important Bitcoin Hard Fork Information

    UPDATE: Following a successful fork and sufficient network stability for Bitcoin Cash, we have added the token (BCH) to our list of tradable assets. Visit to buy or sell BCH.

    In preparation for the proposed Bitcoin Cash (aka BCH) fork set to occur on August 1st, ShapeShift would like to notify our customers regarding our handling of the event.

    On July 31, ShapeShift will temporarily turn off all trading capabilities across the platform (web, mobile, and API). This means it will not be possible to buy or sell digital assets on ShapeShift.  Trading will remain turned off until we feel that a clear outcome of the fork has been determined. READ MORE

  • Notes on ShapeShift Preparing for BIP 91 (Segwit2x) Activation

    The following post outlines the measures ShapeShift is taking once the BIP 91 Activation takes effect, around midnight Saturday (July 22, 2017)/ Sunday (July 23, 2017) morning EDT at earliest. Due to an abundance of caution regarding the activation of BIP 91 on Bitcoin, ShapeShift will temporarily remove all trading capabilities with Bitcoin on our exchange – and within our API offerings – in order to ensure the orphaning of blocks causes no major consensus issues. No deposits or withdrawals will be available at the time that this activation occurs until we feel that a clear outcome has been determined. HOWEVER, ShapeShift will continue to support all non-Bitcoin transactions. Read more to learn all details.