NEW! for iPad

Here at ShapeShift we work hard to provide our foxy users with as many exchange options as possible. That's why we are pretty pumped to now be able to offer user with the option of buying or sell their cryto assets straight from their iPad! That's right, ShapeShift now has an iPad app!

NEW TOOL: ShapeShift Skeleton Allows for On-site Exchanges [VIDEO]

Since announcing our recent $1.6 Million funding round, we have been busy bees over at ShapeShift headquarters. With dozens of ideas and features on our list to add to our product offerings, we are excited to announce our newest product. Please welcome ShapeShift Skeleton to our suite of merchant/user tools!

Trade Instantly on Real Time Market Data Site,

We’ve all been there. You’re checking data on your assets while enjoying a cup of jo and, BAM, that Dogecoin price you were hoping for finally hits. Now it’s time to trade! Instead of having to take extra time to head over to ShapeShift, what if you could buy or sell your assets within a market data site?

That is now a reality with the buy/sell button located next to all coin assets on that are supported by ShapeShift. All you need to do is click on the “buy” or “sell” link, choose the assets you wish to pay with or sell well, input the proper addresses and you are on your way to owning more or less of your chosen coin! It’s just as easy as using ShapeShift, and no account is needed.