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ShapeShift 101: How to Reuse Deposit Addresses with ShapeShift Exchange

Our support team finds that our customers consistently want to know if they can reuse our deposit address in order to do the same sort of transaction over and over again. For example, let's say you have an exchange bot that you want to execute a bitcoin to Litecoin Exchange every Tuesday at 11 am. You would like to have a Bitcoin deposit address that every time bitcoin is sent to it, ShapeShift does an exchange to Ether. The short answer to this question is, yes.

Top Three Reasons You Should be Using ShapeShift

The ShapeShift team recently returned from Buenos Aires, Argentina where they attended the Latin American Bitcoin Conference (LaBitConf). When we attend conferences, we do so to learn about the amazingly diverse bitcoin, blockchain and FinTech industry we are so lucky to be a part of, but also to educate our users about ShapeShift on what makes us different from other exchanges. When we meet those people who’ve never experienced ShapeShift’s magical charms, we’re always so happy to see their faces light-up as we explain the service to them.

Join the ShapeShift Public Slack Channel

Have you ever been poking around and thought "Man, I sure wish I could ask a quick question to the ShapeShift team!" Well, your wish is our command! Enter, ShapeShift Community channel on Slack! We want to be able to connect with you, our foxy customers, a little more easily. Sign up here:

How Does ShapeShift Calculate Rates?

From the dawn of ShapeShift time, our users have consistently asked us how we calculate our rates. So it's about darn time we wrote a post to explain! Let's start with the basics.

When doing a ShapeShift exchange, you will notice we provide you with an "Instant Rate". Many people message us and ask what fees we remove from this rate. The answer is, nothing, outside of the receiving coin's miner fee. SEE A LIST OF MINER FEES HERE. Continue reading to learn more about this topic...


自从 ShapeShift出现以来,我们的用户就不断问我们是如何计算费率的。现在是时候做一篇解释性说明了!我们先看看一些基本概念。