[VIDEOS] TechCrunch's "Trust Distrupted" Series Offers Great Overview of Blockchain Past, Present and Future

In October 2016, TechCrunch released the first episode of their series "Trust Disrupted". This series is based on the book "Digital Gold" by Nathaniel Popper. As a company based in the general blockchain, digital asset space, we were pretty excited to watch and spread the word of this very well executed series, featuring some of the industry heavy hitters, technology organizations and companies. Check out the episodes below! 

VIDEO: Watch ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees Talk Crypto with Genesis Mining Team

The ShapeShift team spent a few days in Munich, Germany this past September for the Bits & Pretzels Conference. Emily, Meg and Erik spent several days talking bitcoin, crypto and blockchain with the conference's 5,000+ attendees and enjoyed a full day of fun in the Oktoberfest grounds. During the conference, Erik took a few minutes to sit down with the Genesis Mining team to talk all things crypto and blockchain. 的游戏网站接收几十种竞争币

Bitcoin.com是加密社区多年以来可靠的资源。最近网站重新设计,并加入了一系列的网上游戏。用户现在可以用比特币来玩各种游戏,包括扑克21点轮盘,和掷骰子。游戏商城也利用ShapeShift的Shifty按钮,允许用户用几十众不同竞争币充值账户。 Accepts Dozens of Digital Assets for Game Site Credits has been a resource for the crypto-community for years now. Most recently, the site underwent a site re-design, coming back into action with Bitcoin Games. Users can now fund playing various games including pokerblackjackroulettecraps and more with bitcoin. The Game store also launched allowing users to fund their accounts with dozens of blockchain assets due to's integration of the Shifty Button

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Releases Industry News Service and are excited to announce the newest feature addition to the family, CoinCap News. This new offering from the realtime market data site offers users coverage of Bitcoin, digital assetsblockchain technologyFinTech and more!

PRO TIP: How to look up your Omni and Counterparty Transactions on the Blockchain

ProTip from Jon, a ShapeShift Developer:

Omni and Counterparty transactions (and their associated assets) all happen on the bitcoin blockchain. That's pretty cool but it means that looking up information about what happened in your transaction can be tricky.

Note from CEO Erik Voorhees: An Appeal for Zero-Conf

The recent addition of Peter Todd's “Replace by Fee” (aka RBF) to Bitcoin Core ignited a discussion over the past several days, related both to RBF specifically and to “zero-confirmation transactions” more broadly (zero-confirmation, aka zero-conf, refers to accepting Bitcoin transactions before they are confirmed in a block).

Bitcoin in 3 Minutes [VIDEO]

Here at ShapeShift, we love reading articles, listening to podcasts and watching all videos created to further explain the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. We love this new video created by Harbers Studios and released by the Nantucket Project.

The Bitcoin Phenomenon [VIDEO]

In this day and age (July 2015, to be exact- it's a fast moving industry!) it's pretty darn easy to do an internet search for Bitcoin and have a long list of videos, articles and more to dig into and learn more. Our team recently stumbled upon this video "The Bitcoin Phenomenon" and wanted to share it with our friends and customers. It give a good overview of the industry from beginning, to current news and what the future may hold. Check it out!

Andreas M Antonopoulos talk at Wired Money 2015 [VIDEO]

It's pretty safe to say that most people in Bitcoin, or those even just beginning their Bitcoin journey, have read an article, book or had some sort of contact with Andreas M. Antonopoulos. We came across his talk on Bitcoin from Wired Money 2015 and wanted to share it with our readers that may want more information or want to introduce others and break misconceptions to the Bitcoin world. 

The video is pretty sweet! Keep reading!