和大家介绍一下Jaxx 区块链钱包! 这个钱包可在9平台上下载和运转,Jaxx提供跨所设备的统一体验,同时可以加密购买销售,以及无障碍的钱包转换。而现在,钱包里面可以选项比特币,以太,和DAO之间的转换。Jaxx也会支持ShapeShift未来集成更多的代币。

Multi-Platform Wallet Jaxx Integrates with ShapeShift Allowing In-wallet BTC, ETH and DAO Exchanges

We are always very excited to announce new partnerships and our latest integrated product, Decentral's fleet of Jaxx blockchain wallets, is no exception! Available on 9 platforms, the Jaxx wallets offers a unified blockchain experience across all devices, while enabling crypto-to-crypto buying and selling with frictionless in-wallet conversion. And now they allow the option to coinvert between bitcoin, ether and dao tokens. Jaxx will also support any tokens that Jaxx and ShapeShift integrate in the future. SEE JAXX WALLETS HERE for Android Devices Now Available

After releasing the iOS app back in January 2016, we have had constant requests for the Android version of our app and we are happy to announce that we have released CoinCap for Android!, which is a realtime market data website created and supported by, allows for viewing of digital assets in realtime on the web-version of the site. The smart phone application for both iOS and now, Android devices, boasts additional features not available on the desktop version.

ShapeShift Year in Review: Looking back on 2015

Hello 2016! The New Year has arrived, and has got us thinking about all we have accomplished in 2015. ShapeShift has a full year + under our belts, and we are pretty proud of how far we have come. Although 2016 is chalked full of new product features and exciting releases and tools, we want to take a moment to look back on all we have accomplished. Releases Android App for Trading Every Major Digital Currency Instantly

Okay, you guys. We finally did it! We have worked our tails off and are finally excited to announce the release of our ShapeShift Android App! We won't hold you in suspense. Go ahead and download the app on this button below: 

Multi-coin wallet allows for in-wallet transactions [VIDEO]

Keeping up with altcoin wallets can be a hassle. You have to keep them up-to-date, synched and every coin has it's own personality. Sometimes you purchase different altcoins just for the heck of it (because, why not? ShapeShift makes it so easy?). So where did you put that wallet you created forever ago? Enter This multi-coin wallet will rock your world, we promise.