As CoinKite has discovered, many of our customers have had issues due to the current Bitcoin malleability attack that has been going on during this last week. In order to keep you all informed we are re-posting this very informative blog post that our friends at CoinKite have released that explains what this type of attack is and does to transactions.
See the original article here on the CoinKite blog.

There is currently an ongoing, multiday “stress test” (or spam attack, depending on your point of view) occurring on the Bitcoin network. Many thousands of transactions are occurring, which are overflowing the blocks and causing confirmation delays – sometimes significant ones.

Hello Cryptocurrency Community, added support for Paycoin (XPY) a couple weeks ago, upon the request of our users. The coin was quite popular (both for buyers and sellers). The software itself worked as advertised, so we were happy to integrate it.