Product Insights: KeepKey’s Integration with MyEtherWallet We’re thrilled to announce KeepKey’s partnership with MyEtherWallet (MEWV5).  The new integration with MyEtherWallet means that interacting with the Ethereum blockchain is now easier than ever. Your KeepKey ensures that your keys are kept offline and safe while MEW provides an all-new, redesigned, simple, clean interface. To celebrate, we’re offering 35%
ShapeShift Announces New Price Reduction for KeepKey Hardware WalletsCustomers Can Now Purchase a KeepKey For $79 ShapeShift, the leading non-custodial digital asset platform that allows users to access blockchain crypto asset services, tools and data, announced today that they are able to reduce the price of KeepKey hardware wallets to $79 per device, effective immediately.
ShapeShift Has a New Look Beginning this month, you might notice some changes to ShapeShift’s look. We’ve updated our logo, typeface, color palette, and imagery. These visual elements are the first step in this process, followed by our new platform that will be released in the near future. As a company, we’re evolving. We’re adapting
Improvements Beta firmware is now compatible with production KeepKey Client! KeepKey Client can now seamlessly move back and forth between the beta and production client. Beta Testers Detailed account information is now visible for ETH transactions on your device. A progress bar has replaced the dancing dots loading screen. As always, if you have any questions, please
Release Notes for Production Client (v5.10.3) and Beta Client (v6.0.1) The KeepKey development team has updated the firmware for both the production client (v5.10.3) and the beta (rc) client (v6.0.1). In both updates, you will see bug fixes while the beta release will also include new applications and enhanced user experience. Production Client Updates The
It is with great sadness that I am announcing my departure from KeepKey and ShapeShift effective November 30, 2018. I want to thank all of KeepKey’s customers, reviewers, advocates and especially my co-workers. They provided support for the company, the product and me personally over the last 3 1/2 years. Without all of you, KeepKey
KeepKey Detected: Update 5.10.2 Recently, KeepKey added a U2F feature which appears to have caused issues for some Windows 10 users. To resolve any problems that may have arisen, the U2F feature was temporarily removed. Although this release was tested in the same way as other releases, an issue was discovered with USB operations, which
ShapeShift Statement of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Hard Fork, November 2018
 [Update 12/13/18] Update 12/13/2018: It appears two assets emerged from the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Hard Fork. BCH and BSV trades are active at this time on ShapeShift. We will continue to post any and all updates here.     ShapeShift is preparing for the upcoming Bitcoin
Release Notes for Production Client v5.9.0 and Beta Client v5.9.1 The KeepKey development team has done it again, releasing firmware updates for the production client (v5.9.0) as well as the beta client (v5.9.1). The updates include security fixes, additional token support, and enhanced features. Responsible Disclosure Security Update Chrisitan Reitter, in coordination with Dr. Jochen
Learn About: CoinCap's New Features If you consider yourself a seasoned crypto trader or crypto enthusiast, you might be curious about how you can add the new CoinCap to your crypto toolbox. That’s why last week, we hosted a Facebook Live event for anyone to learn, connect, and celebrate the new CoinCap. At its core, CoinCap is