Release Notes for Production Client v4.3.9 and Beta Client v4.5.9 KeepKey is pleased to announce a maintenance release of both the production and beta releases of the KeepKey client. Both of these releases contain the following change: Due to a change in how ShapeShift handles incoming bitcoin, there is a minor change required to the

Today, ShapeShift joins some of the world’s most innovative blockchain technology companies in leaving the State of Washington.

KeepKey Hardware Security Assurances tl;dr KeepKey hardware was secure before and is even more secure now. A firmware update is not required. There have been some concerns lately about the security of the hardware used in the KeepKey device. This blog post addresses the two specific concerns that we are aware of. Variable PIN Failure

ShapeShift AG is excited to announce that we have acquired Seattle-based KeepKey, a secure hardware wallet for digital assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.
With a focus on ease and security, the vertical integration of KeepKey and ShapeShift enables users to safely store assets on a KeepKey device, while trading these assets directly over the ShapeShift API from the device’s interface.

Bitcoin Cash Balances and Vulnerability Reduction KeepKey is pleased to announce that we have updated the beta version of the KeepKey client and device firmware. This release includes showing Bitcoin Cash (BCH) balances in Bitcoin accounts. This is part of our ongoing effort to add full support for this new cryptocurrency. BCH was forked from
Bitcoin Cash and KeepKey On August 1, 2017, a group users in the Bitcoin community plan to split the Bitcoin network. The network that they are creating is known as Bitcoin Cash or BCH. When the split happens, every bitcoin (BTC) that existed before the split will result in a new BCH coming into existence.
New Release of KeepKey Wallet (v4.3.5) KeepKey is pleased to announce a few new features: Security notifications: A real-time notification system was added to the KeepKey Wallet application. KeepKey will use it to notify you when something happens that might affect the use of your KeepKey or the cryptocurrencies stored on it. For example, if
Video: Convert coins on KeepKey Using ShapeShift One feature unique to KeepKey among hardware wallets can be found in its seamless ShapeShift integration. This feature allows users to effortlessly shift between coins in the KeepKey app without compromising security. The process is simple. Don’t worry about copying addresses into a third-party website or selecting a
Dash Goes Live on KeepKey We are thrilled to announce the release of Dash into production. Dash is now available as a general release to all users in the KeepKey app. Not only will KeepKey users be able to secure their Dash, they can also take full advantage of the built-in ShapeShift functionality to exchange
Dash is Now in Public Beta Dash is a welcome addition to KeepKey’s cryptocurrency platform. Not only can KeepKey users safely store Dash on the device, they can now do it in the KeepKey client itself. Dash, the seventh largest cryptocurrency by market cap, is the latest asset you can protect under the KeepKey security