Release Notes for Production Client v5.7.2 KeepKey is delighted to announce a new firmware update with an extensive number of new offerings to the production client (v5.7.2). After updating the firmware, all KeepKey users will find support for four new digital assets, custom bitcoin fees and Dash InstantSend. The firmware will also include several bug
Introducing ShapeShift Membership Announcing ShapeShift Membership By Erik Voorhees, Founder and CEO of ShapeShift Today marks the release of ShapeShift Membership. ShapeShift Membership is a loyalty program Benefits, depending on level, may include higher trading limits, rewards on trading volume, better pricing, private market and trade data, and early access to new coins, products and
Release Notes for Production Client v5.5.1 and Beta Client v5.7.1 KeepKey’s development team recently released an updated firmware. This update has been published for both the production client (v5.5.1) and beta client (v5.7.1) improving the functionality of all KeepKey hardware wallets. The fix improves the process for loading accounts so users will no longer be
ShapeShift AG Acquires Bitfract ShapeShift AG is excited to announce the acquisition of Bitfract! Bitfract is an Austin-based software firm that built the only tool in the world that allows users to trade bitcoin into dozens of digital assets in a single transaction. “The Bitfract team made expert use of ShapeShift’s open API to build
Beta Release Notes v5.6.1 A beta (rc) client application update has been published (v5.6.1). The update includes support for Bitcoin Gold, a CoinCap integration and minor bug fixes. Bitcoin Gold (BTG) Support: BTG, a fork of bitcoin (BTC), is now available to all beta users. Any person holding BTC on their device at the time
Security Update Release Notes for Bootloader v1.1.0 and Firmware v5.5.0 In early June, ShapeShift’s security team was notified by Christian Reitter of multiple potential security vulnerabilities in KeepKey’s firmware which were discovered during academic research with Dr. Jochen Hoenicke. After immediate investigation, the development team confirmed a buffer underrun vulnerability present in both the bootloader
News Release: KeepKey Launches Native ERC-20 Token Support (v5.4.2) KeepKey Launches Native ERC-20 Token Support (v5.4.2) KeepKey users can now send, receive and exchange between SALT, OmiseGo, District0x, FunFair and more in a safe, simple and secure way SWITZERLAND (June 6, 2018) — KeepKey, a safe, simple and secure hardware wallet, has developed native ERC-20
ShapeShift Services to Change Based on Customers’ Jurisdiction APRIL 2, 2018 - ShapeShift will begin tailoring its products and services to fit the evolving requirements of specific jurisdictions. Your ability to purchase certain digital assets on the ShapeShift platform may change depending on where you reside. Many of our customers have noticed that the rate
Security Update, Release Notes for v5.1.0 UPDATE: After further review, another firmware update (v5.1.1) was necessary for all devices to work with this fix. KeepKey was notified of a potential security vulnerability on March 18, 2018, by Satoshi Labs. An undocumented flaw was discovered in all STMicroelectronics STM32F205 chips that integrate and drive the entire
Beta Release Notes v5.0.2 A beta (rc) client application update has been published (v5.0.2). The update address two minor transaction fixes. The fixes include: Transaction history: In some cases, users experienced missing transactions from the transaction page on the client. With this fix, transaction histories should be complete and up to date. Transaction signing: Other