Product Insights: KeepKey’s Integration with MyEtherWallet We’re thrilled to announce KeepKey’s partnership with MyEtherWallet (MEWV5).  The new integration with MyEtherWallet means that interacting with the Ethereum blockchain is now easier than ever. Your KeepKey ensures that your keys are kept offline and safe while MEW provides an all-new, redesigned, simple, clean interface. To celebrate, we’re offering 35%
ShapeShift Announces New Price Reduction for KeepKey Hardware WalletsCustomers Can Now Purchase a KeepKey For $79 ShapeShift, the leading non-custodial digital asset platform that allows users to access blockchain crypto asset services, tools and data, announced today that they are able to reduce the price of KeepKey hardware wallets to $79 per device, effective immediately.
ShapeShift Has a New Look Beginning this month, you might notice some changes to ShapeShift’s look. We’ve updated our logo, typeface, color palette, and imagery. These visual elements are the first step in this process, followed by our new platform that will be released in the near future. As a company, we’re evolving. We’re adapting
10 Valentines to Impress Your Crypto Crush Valentine’s Day is here once again. Whether you plan on spending the evening swiping left or stuffing your face with a heart-shaped pizza (solo), swimming in a pool of your own tears is not an option Don't get ghosted. Send what you can't say with a valentine that
Using Storytelling to Bring Crypto to Life Humans have been telling each other stories since the beginning of time. It’s how we connect and build relationships, and help people gain a new perspective. We all have a story to tell. A story that makes us important and interesting to those we meet and who surround
Introducing ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ – A ShapeShift Original Production We're super excited to release our first-ever original documentary series, Down the Rabbit Hole. If you’ve been following along so far you may have seen that the series tells the stories of the individuals who are revolutionizing cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. You’ll get a peek into the
Cryptocurrency is still nascent and the global regulatory environment is always changing. Because of the nature of our business, ShapeShift regularly receives requests from various law enforcement agencies. In the traditional financial world, this request process is typically opaque. Recently, Kraken began an initiative to bring more transparency to these types of requests in the
The latest crypto winter is upon us, and today ShapeShift felt the bitter frost. Today, we let 37 employees go, reducing the size of our team by a third. It’s a deep and painful reduction, mirrored across many crypto companies in this latest bear market cycle. Crypto, like the moon we strive toward, is a
Transaction History for ShapeShift Members If you’re a crypto enthusiast, chances are that you’re holding several different cryptocurrencies and have at some point made exchanges (you wouldn’t be using ShapeShift if you weren’t). And since you're your own bank, it’s important that you’re keeping track of these transactions. Whether it's for tax purposes or just
Are you curious about the world of cryptocurrency? Not just about what it is - but who are the people that use it, and why? And what are their beliefs, ambitions, their stories? ABOUT THE DOCUSERIES Our new six-part documentary series, “DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE” explores the world of cryptocurrency, the revolutionary people driving it forward, and