AltQuick, an off-shoot of, enables users (like YOU!) to buy digital currencies with a cash deposit via cash deposit at a local bank or credit union. Originally launched to provide an order book of altcoins from an altcoin order book like their partner company, BitQuick, the site integrated with the ShapeShift API and is now able to offer a larger order book of altcoins by mirroring the BitQuick order book. It’s pretty awesome. We like it, and we think you will like it, too.

Keeping up with altcoin wallets can be a hassle. You have to keep them up-to-date, synched and every coin has it’s own personality. Sometimes you purchase different altcoins just for the heck of it (because, why not? ShapeShift makes it so easy?). So where did you put that wallet you created forever ago? Enter This multi-coin wallet will rock your world, we promise.

We don’t know about you, but we spend A LOT of time on our computers. From work to talking with friends, bitcoin and altcoin trading (yes, we use ShapeShift, too!) and general day-to-day tasks, it can sometimes seem hard to find time to get small daily life tasks taken care of. And that is where can come into play for pantry items, clothing, even toilet paper! But if we are shopping digitally, why can’t we purchase with digital currencies? to the rescue! For those who have not yet discovered this amazing website, allows users to input the url of the Amazon item you would like to purchase (or now you can do a search for items right from the site), and purchase with bitcoin or altcoins. Purse has integrated the ShapeShift Shifty Button to allow for the altcoin purchases to be made, which we think it pretty darn cool.