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Ripple XRP Transaction Tips and Tricks

ShapeShifters! We love that you love XRP. In fact, we love that you love all of the 50+ assets we support. Although most of the digital asset we support pretty much work the same way, XRP has a more complicated use structure. As we are seeing many of our customers have been experiencing order issues due to these human errors, we wanted to get this post out to best empower you to have the best order experience possible.

Please read this carefully!

PRO TIP: The difference between a "Quick" and "Precise" transaction

Did you know there are two different ways to do basic transactions when using For most long-time users, this is a no brainer, but for our newest little foxes, we know it can be a little confusing to understand the differences. So in the words of the of so wise Jerry Seinfeld, What is the DEAL with Quick and Precise transactions?

PRO TIP: How to look up your Omni and Counterparty Transactions on the Blockchain

ProTip from Jon, a ShapeShift Developer:

Omni and Counterparty transactions (and their associated assets) all happen on the bitcoin blockchain. That's pretty cool but it means that looking up information about what happened in your transaction can be tricky.