Notes from Erik Voorhees

A Note to Our Customers from Erik Voorhees

ShapeShift has always prioritized customer support; we take it very seriously. Our industry is growing fast, and this means tens of thousands of new people start using this technology every week. ShapeShift, as a leading firm in this ecosystem, needs to help onboard these people into crypto, and help them feel comfortable. That is one of our jobs. Unfortunately, over the past three weeks, we have been unable to keep pace with our support load, and we felt it warrants some explanation.

Note from CEO Erik Voorhees: An Appeal for Zero-Conf

The recent addition of Peter Todd's “Replace by Fee” (aka RBF) to Bitcoin Core ignited a discussion over the past several days, related both to RBF specifically and to “zero-confirmation transactions” more broadly (zero-confirmation, aka zero-conf, refers to accepting Bitcoin transactions before they are confirmed in a block).