ShapeShift AG Acquires Bitcoin Hardware Wallet Maker, KeepKey

ShapeShift AG is excited to announce that we have acquired Seattle-based KeepKey, a secure hardware wallet for digital assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

With a focus on ease and security, the vertical integration of KeepKey and ShapeShift enables users to safely store assets on a KeepKey device, while trading these assets directly over the ShapeShift API from the device's interface.

Introducing Prism: The world's first trustless portfolio market platform

When we started building ShapeShift in the Spring of 2014, we made an uncommon assumption at the time: that blockchains and (especially) the tokens built upon them were going to expand out in all directions. We believed this not because the world needs a thousand crypto “currencies” in the narrow sense, but because blockchain technology would enable all manner of new digital experimentation, financial and otherwise. Bitcoin inspired a Crypto-Cambrian Explosion; a transformative species from which entire kingdoms of new technological life arise.

LE36: Roger Ver and Erik Voorhees – Scaling Debate and the Future of Bitcoin

We love when we see our very own Erik Voorhees in the press! Erik and Roger Ver were recently interviewed by the Liberty Entrepreneurs podcast about their opinions on the scaling debate. Check out the episode below!

ShapeShift Returns from Consensus 2016, Erik Voorhees Featured on Video

The ShapeShift team returned to Head Quarters yesterday from three amazing days at the Consensus 2016 Conference which took place in New York City. As event sponsors and exhibitors, the ShapeShift team had an amazing time and loved meeting our current customers and making new ones. See Erik speak on HERE

A Timeline: ShapeShift Hacking Incident

Over the last few weeks, was the victim of several hacking incidents that ultimately resulted in us having to take down the website in order to fully investigate the hackings as well as rebuild infrastructure and securities. In order to provide you, our users, with a full breakdown of our reporting, we are releasing this post, which compiles all articles and updates that were released publicly to explain the scenarios. We compile this information for you, as it is of utmost importance to us that we are transparent with our loyal users.

ShapeShift Year in Review: Looking back on 2015

Hello 2016! The New Year has arrived, and has got us thinking about all we have accomplished in 2015. ShapeShift has a full year + under our belts, and we are pretty proud of how far we have come. Although 2016 is chalked full of new product features and exciting releases and tools, we want to take a moment to look back on all we have accomplished.

ShapeShift Removes Seven Coins from the Exchange

ShapeShift has decided to removed several coins from its platform due to low transaction volume. In the competition of coins, some will rise and fall. Over time, ShapeShift will remove poorly performing coins in order to focus support and liquidity efforts on more popular assets, such as Dash, Ethereum, Monero, Litecoin, etc.

ShapeShift Raises $1.6 Million in New Funding, a next-generation, non-custodial, instant exchange service for Bitcoin and digital assets, today announced the completion of its funding round of $1.6 million USD.

Erik Voorhees as Founder of ShapeShift, announces seed round with Barry Silbert, Roger Ver

Nothing travels faster than a well-kept secret.

Let us take this opportunity to formally announce the following: the mystery creator behind Swiss-based ShapeShift is Erik Voorhees, formerly CEO of Coinapult and creator of SatoshiDICE.

Why the mystery? The goal with ShapeShift was this: build a service that was safe and trustworthy by design, not by faith in the creator.

ShapeShift Year in Review: Looking back on 2014

Wow, the year sure has flown by! And with only a few month under our belt, we are excited to see what the next 12 months will bring to ShapeShift. For all of our customers who have trusted us and supported us since our launch in August, thank you. Because of you all, we continue to look for more ways to help you with your cryptocurrency exchange needs. To review what we have accomplished, we will highlight a few moments below. Happy New Year, folks! 

-The ShapeShift Staff