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ShapeShift (2% of Bitcoin Network) is Now Batching Transactions

ShapeShift AG, one of the first major companies to adopt Bitcoin's Segwit upgrade last fall, is now batching Bitcoin (BTC) transactions to further reduce costs to customers and improve the health of the Bitcoin network. The digital asset exchange platform, which process roughly 10,000 Bitcoin orders per day, is now batching nearly all transactions. This allows ShapeShift to offer customers lower miner fees, while utilizing less transaction space on the network. 

Join the ShapeShift Public Slack Channel

Have you ever been poking around and thought "Man, I sure wish I could ask a quick question to the ShapeShift team!" Well, your wish is our command! Enter, ShapeShift Community channel on Slack! We want to be able to connect with you, our foxy customers, a little more easily. Sign up here:

NEW! for iPad

Here at ShapeShift we work hard to provide our foxy users with as many exchange options as possible. That's why we are pretty pumped to now be able to offer user with the option of buying or sell their cryto assets straight from their iPad! That's right, ShapeShift now has an iPad app! Releases Android App for Trading Every Major Digital Currency Instantly

Okay, you guys. We finally did it! We have worked our tails off and are finally excited to announce the release of our ShapeShift Android App! We won't hold you in suspense. Go ahead and download the app on this button below: 

NEW TOOL: ShapeShift Skeleton Allows for On-site Exchanges [VIDEO]

Since announcing our recent $1.6 Million funding round, we have been busy bees over at ShapeShift headquarters. With dozens of ideas and features on our list to add to our product offerings, we are excited to announce our newest product. Please welcome ShapeShift Skeleton to our suite of merchant/user tools!

Rules for Buying Spells of Genesis "The Wanderer" Card

Our first Spells of Genesis card sale sold out with in 3 seconds. Wowza, that was fast! This post offers a better explanation of how the sale works and the rules of using our system to buy your “ShapeShift-The Wanderer” card so to give you the best chance of snagging yourself a card or two.

Spells of Genesis Limited Supply “ShapeShift- The Wanderer” Card on Sale

Everdreamsoft (makers of SoG and Moonga) has released a, limited quantity playing card called “ShapeShift-The Wanderer,” a limited supply of which will go on sale via the ShapeShift exchange starting August 12th.

"But what does it DO?," you ask? The ShapeShift card makes a powerful addition to your playing deck. It’s a card that is best strategically used towards the end of a round as it transforms your opponent’s used power points (the extra points that a user can harness to increase the values of a card each play) into your own health/life points. Since a winner is determined by the player with the highest life points, The Wanderer has the ability to easily swing a win in your favor. 

Spells of Genesis Token Sale Has Begun

Here at ShapeShift, we are constantly working to provide more and more services and features for our users and partners. So it should come of no surprise that we are powering the Spells of Genesis BitCrystals Token Sale, begining on August 4. BitCrystals were designed to purchase new card decks and game items while working as the medium of exchange within the game-play. The token sale will be the main method to fund the game development. These tokens are tradable Counterparty assets which serve as the in-game currency in Spells of Genesis.

Exchange anytime, anywhere with NEW ShapeShift for iPhone [VIDEO]

And now, the moment you have all been waiting for (or, a least the ShapeShift team has been waiting for)....drum roll please...

The brand spankin' new iPhone app has been released! Our team worked tirelessly over the last few month to offer a better option for your on-the-go crypto exchanges. Users can now download the iOS app from the Apple iTunes store for FREE. With more phone features to come in the future, this initial launch allows for seemless, fast exchanges with just a few pushes of a finger.