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Going 'Down the Rabbit Hole' with Nyla Rodgers

Change is rolling through the philanthropic and crypto spheres alike, thanks to Nyla Rodgers, the woman who is putting big visions into action. She’s the CEO of MAMA HOPE & Satoshi is Female, where she creates new organizations that have the power to transform their communities, fosters social entrepreneurship around the world, and advocates for greater generosity and partnership between the tech and non-profit worlds.

Recently, we had the pleasure of talking with Rodgers about what it’s like to work at the fascinating triangulation of global development, technology, and cryptocurrency.

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The Art of Hope

Since its inception in 2008, MAMA HOPE has funded 151 projects that have improved the health, education, food, and water security of over 815,000 people globally. Created in response to a broken aid system – one in which top-down models disenfranchise grassroots leadership, undervalue local resources and reinforce harmful stereotypes of poverty. 

So by completely reimagining, restructuring, and overhauling the international development sector, Rodgers is now living her life-long dream.  With a radically different, ground-up model that’s community-led and future-focused, global, grassroots leaders are given full agency over their future. 

“[MAMA HOPE] works to nurture and grow the people it supports by giving them access to the best resources,” she says. “The people we serve are not just building a future for themselves. They are building a future for generations to come.”

“The people we serve are not just building a future for themselves,
they are building a better future for the generations to come.”

Built on core human values such as inclusion, community, and collaboration, MAMA HOPE has a distinctly “feminine approach to international development.” 

But what does any of this have to do with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology? For Rodgers, it all became clear when she first discovered Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin White paper. 

As she fell down the rabbit hole, she was drawn to Satoshi’s ideas, such as peer-to-peer and decentralization. She feels that Satoshi’s Bitcoin White paper describes a]  “a uniquely feminine way to move value around the world.” So, to assume Satoshi is male just seemed completely counterintuitive to Rodgers. 

Currencies of Generosity

From this point forward, Rodgers set out on a mission to shift the way the world views cryptocurrencies and the values attached to them. Her desire was to allow all people to view [crypto] as ‘currencies of generosity’ to solve global problems. “Because without a truly altruistic intention, it’s simply not going to work,” she says.

Rodgers finds her meaning in helping others, which has been built into the fabric of her life from a very young age. And given that she’s a part of an altruistic lineage, this is not surprising. “My mother’s purpose in life was to give. Growing up, we weren’t wealthy, but we always figured out how to give to people in a way that inspired others to join.”

Naturally then, Rodgers’ many projects have inspired others in joining her mission toward creating a better future. She founded Satoshi is Female to create momentum for the movement to reimagine, reinvent, and rebuild a more inclusive economy.

And, all of the proceeds from Satoshi is Female go toward the support of financial literacy programs for women in blockchain technology.

“Because without a truly altruistic intention, it’s simply not going to work.”


As her story illustrates,
Nyla Rodgers is a woman who wears many hats, some of which include cryptocurrency advocate, community catalyst, leader, revolutionary, futurist, connector, and of course, humanitarian. 

Rodgers is also a human being who, despite life’s most difficult challenges, sees hope in the face heartache, gifts in the face of grief.

We ended our talk by discussing the notion of purpose. She said, “We all have a deep purpose that’s greater than ourselves. It’s our destiny is to figure out what this purpose is, and we must tap into that.”

“We all have a deep purpose that’s greater than ourselves,
and it’s our destiny is to figure out what this purpose is;
we must tap into that.”


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