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10 Valentines to Impress Your Crypto Crush

Valentine’s Day is here once again. Whether you plan on spending the evening swiping left or stuffing your face with a heart-shaped pizza (solo), swimming in a pool of your own tears is not an option

Don’t get ghosted.

Send what you can’t say with a valentine that illustrates your shared fascination with all-things Bitcoin, crypto, and blockchain tech.

For one, they’ll notice you. How could they not? And two, you were f—king chivalrous.

Take note boys and girls, but there’s an absurd amount of nonsense out there. Playing mind games and texts filled with “haha, and then what ;),” is juvenile. And exhausting.

We know that if you’re tired of them – believe me – so is your crush.

So suck it up, Buttercup! Tell them how you feel by sliding into their DM’s with one of these 10 Crypto Valentines.