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KeepKey Detected: Update 5.10.2

Recently, KeepKey added a U2F feature which appears to have caused issues for some Windows 10 users. To resolve any problems that may have arisen, the U2F feature was temporarily removed.

Although this release was tested in the same way as other releases, an issue was discovered with USB operations, which led to reports of a “No KeepKey Detected” message from a small percentage of users. It is important to understand that all devices were safe and users were never at risk of losing funds during this time. Regardless, our team understood the importance of implementing a fix as quickly as possible.

The KeepKey team would like to formally apologize for any issues that may have stemmed from the most recent firmware update.

If you are ever experiencing issues please open a support ticket and work closely with our agents. Providing detailed information and error logs helps the development team diagnose issues, ultimately leading to faster resolutions.

You can contact our support team seven days here.