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Prism Has Shut Down

Prism was, at its core, a set of smart contracts which enabled collateralized portfolios of digital assets to be established, giving price exposure to users without counter-party risk and without the need to take delivery, or set up or manage multiple wallets.

With the work we’ve done over these past 18 months, it became clear to us that there is actually a different (and likely superior) product to be built with this underlying technology. It requires more than a pivot: a reimagining of the product itself. At the same time, we are deep in work on ShapeShift’s core technology, CoinCap, KeepKey, and the inundation of activity involved in building a 120+ person organization in a graceful, cohesive, and productive manner.

These reasons combined are why we have closed the Prism product, both in order to focus on our core platform, and to clear the pallet for a potential reimagining of what this technology can do later on.

We’re immensely appreciative of all the feedback and testing from the community (both on a product and smart contract level), and we are sorry for the bad news to those who were excited about the open beta launch.

All remaining Prisms have been closed, sending your Ether automatically back to the address you created your Prism with.

Our support team is here if you have any questions.

Farewell Prism, perhaps this will be but your prologue…
-Erik Voorhees