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Release Notes for Beta Client v5.8.8

KeepKey’s development team recently released an updated firmware for the beta client (v5.8.8). The update includes support for 12 new digital assets and minor bug fixes.

Additional ERC-20 Token Support: KeepKey users will now be able to store, send and receive Gifto (GTO), IOST (IOST), Aelf (ELF), TrueUSD (TUSD), Aeterenity (AE), Maker (MKR), Dai (DAI), SpankChain (SPANK), 0xBitcoin (0xBTC), (MCO), CyberMiles (CMT) and Populus (PPT).
The KeepKey Team encourages all users to follow through with this update to keep all devices safe, secure and easy to use.

If you have any questions please contact our support team.

Happy hodling,

The KeepKey Team