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Ripple XRP Transaction: Tips and Tricks

Ripple XRP Transaction Tips and Tricks

Hello, ShapeShifters!

We love that you love XRP! In fact, we love that you love all the 50+ digital assets we support. Although most of the digital assets we support pretty much work the same way, XRP has a more complicated use structure.

And, since so many of you have experienced difficult order issues, we hope that this blog will give you the tips and tricks needed to empower you to have the best experience possible.

  • Does your Order Status page says “Awaiting Exchange?”
    You haven’t lost your funds, don’t worry! Given the massive demand for XRP right now, the sending queue is heavily backed up. In short, it will take longer than normal to complete the exchange (After all, this digital asset just over tripled in value in ~48 hours! No need to respond to this ticket. Just check in on your Order Page and when it’s completed, your funds will have sent.
  • Does your Order Status page say “Failed?”
    That means you probably sent below the minimum for XRP.

In this helpful article,
Exodus tells you why a minimum of 20 XRP must be sent to all new wallets.


  • Did you send XRP as your deposit, but the Order Status page is still blinking – “Awaiting Deposit?”
    You forgot to add your destination tag…and like the bullet above, (sigh) you’ll have to wait to be refunded. Destination tags are required for deposits of XRP to our system. Read more about them here.
  • Does your Order Status Page say “Completed?” but the block explorer says tecDST_TAG_NEEDED?
    That means your receiving wallet requires a Destination Tag and it wasn’t included in your exchange!