Now Allows Wallet Users to Exchange Bitcoin for Bitcoin Cash

One of the top questions our support agents get from new customers is “what type of wallet should I be using to keep my digital assets?” There are a plethora of options floating around the blockchain-sphere these days and we are excited to announce that a brand new kid has entered the ShapeShift block to allow for in-wallet exchanges.


We are pumped to announce that, the premier source for everything Bitcoin related, has integrated with our full API to allow Wallet user to exchange between Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and vice versa.


The Wallet app became available to customers in mid 2017 and to date more than 1.7 million wallets have been created on the platform. The ShapeShift integration expands the wallet’s features to better serve customers seeking to exchange their Bitcoin for Bitcoin Cash.


How to Exchange Between BTC and BCH with the Wallet?


The ShapeShift team loves this integration because it’s so easy and intuitive to use! First, you will want to click on the ShapeShift icon under the “Services” menu.



Let’s say you want to do a Bitcoin to Bitcoin Cash transaction. You will want to choose the Bitcoin wallet you would like to send your funds from and the Bitcoin Cash wallet you would like to send your funds to, check that the rate is what you would like, then click “shift”.



Next input the amount of Bitcoin you would like to exchange.



Now, check that the exchange details are correct, then send your funds and after your Bitcoin confirms on the blockchain, your Bitcoin Cash will arrive! It’s just that simple.



Want to download the Wallet? Companies and individuals can download the Wallet and seamlessly shift between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash at:




Need more help? Watch our full demo video on how to exchange between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash here:


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