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KeepKey Safe from Man in The Middle (MiTM)

Due to recent news in the hardware wallet space, KeepKey wants to assure all users that their KeepKey wallets are safe. Specifically, KeepKey hardware wallet operations are safe from the recently discussed Man in The Middle (MiTM) attack vector. MiTM has the potential to attack hardware wallets during the sending and receiving of transactions. This specific attack mentioned occurs when the receive address is generated. Malicious malware can interfere with this action and generate an address belonging to the attacker. In doing so, funds that should be sent to you are then sent to the attacker’s account instead.

Protecting against MiTM attacks is one of the main design considerations at KeepKey. KeepKey utilizes its large display to verify addresses and to authorize safe and secure transactions. Both the KeepKey client and the device display the generated address with a QR code.

Users are prompted to check and confirm that the address on the client matches the address on the device screen. As long as the addresses match, sending and receiving funds remains secure on your KeepKey.

The address displayed on the physical device is not affected by the malicious malware needed for MiTM to be effective.You should always double check and confirm the address on the client matches the one on your device display. Never send funds in the instance that the addresses do not match. Your KeepKey is safe to use, even on an untrusted computer, as long as you visually verify the transaction details shown on the display of the device.

Your KeepKey also actively protects against MiTM in these situations:

  • Change addresses are only generated on your device when creating a transaction
  • For transfers between accounts, the destination address is generated by the device and you are asked to confirm that you are sending funds to this account.
  • For exchanges, addresses are signed by ShapeShift and the signature is checked by the device.

If you have any questions regarding KeepKey and the MiTM threat, please contact our support team by emailing here.

Secure KeepKey hardware wallets for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other leading cryptocurrencies can be purchased directly from our website, from Amazon, or from an authorized reseller.

Happy hodling,

-The KeepKey Team