Ripple XRP Transaction Tips and Tricks

ShapeShifters! We love that you love XRP. In fact, we love that you love all of the 50+ assets we support. Although most of the digital asset we support pretty much work the same way, XRP has a more complicated use structure. As we are seeing many of our customers have been experiencing order issues due to these human errors, we wanted to get this post out to best empower you to have the best order experience possible.

Please read this carefully!

  1. If your Order Status page says "Awaiting Exchange" you have not lost your funds and everything is fine. There is a HUGE demand for XRP right now so the sending queue is heavily backed up and could take hours or even days to complete the exchange. The asset just over tripled in value in ~48 hours so these kinds of things can happen. No need to respond to this ticket. Just check in on your Order Page and when it's completed, your funds will have sent!
  2. If your Order Status page says "Failed" that means you probably sent below the minimum for XRP. Here's a great help article from our friends at Exodus to tell you why a minimum of 20 XRP must be sent to all new wallets: -- unfortunately you'll have to hang tight until we can manually process your refund. We promise we will refund you, but it could take up to 2 weeks.
  3. If you sent XRP as your deposit, but the Order Status page is still blinking "Awaiting Deposit" - you forgot to add your destination tag...and like #2, you'll have to wait to be refunded. Destination tags are required for deposits of XRP to our system. You can read more about them here.
  4. Does your Order Status Page say "Completed"? but the block explorer says tecDST_TAG_NEEDED that means your receiving wallet requires a Destination Tag and it wasn't included in your exchange! Once'll be waiting about 2 weeks for a refund. We apologize for the delays, however we are seeing unprecedented volume with this asset and our team is working as fast as we can to assist users. Thank you for taking the time to read this message. Have a Happy New Year!

WANT MORE TIPS? Read this article on our help desk to learn more about payment IDs and destination tags.