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Scam Awareness Reminder

Your security is our number one concern at KeepKey. We want to remind our customers to be vigilant when purchasing and using a KeepKey. It is a sad truth that phishing attempts for personal information will always exist. Please be aware there are copycat sites mimicking KeepKey. The best way to avoid these copycats is to confirm you are on the correct domain and it has KeepKey’s SSL certificate attached. The official KeepKey domain is

We urge our past, present, and future customers to be aware at all times of the possibility of phishing attempts and only use our domain or an authorized reseller to purchase a KeepKey. Never use a domain provided by a third party unless you have confirmed with the KeepKey authorized reseller list on our webpage:

If you notice any discrepancies on our webpage or are uncertain about providing information, please contact support immediately here before taking any further action. Our support team will investigate.

Always remember, KeepKey will never ask you to send your private key (12 word mnemonic code) or any other personal information. This information should always be stored in a safe and secure place under your exclusive control.