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General Security Reminder

In our constant endeavor to provide our users with secure services, we want to impress upon our customers the importance of using best practices when it comes to security.

  • Never divulge your recovery sentence to anyone
  • Store your recovery sentence in a place that is secure from theft.
  • Never input your recovery sentence directly into your computer. Do not store your recovery sentence on your computer. Do not email it or private message it to anyone and for any reason.
  • Store your recovery sentence in a place that is secure from natural disasters.
  • Use fresh addresses for each transaction. This will provide the highest level of anonymity and security.
  • Choose a pin that is unique and that you can remember.

Good security strengthens with layers.

Anybody with access to your recovery sentence can regenerate your private keys, and therefore access your bitcoins. This means you need to protect your recovery sentence and store it in a safe place. KeepKey users should never provide their recovery sentence to anyone. Additionally, KeepKey will never ask for your recovery sentence for any reason. Recovery sentences, word seeds, private keys should always be treated as the most secure type of information, and not be shared under any circumstances.

If you feel that your recovery sentence has been lost or is compromised, immediately move all of your funds out of your KeepKey to another wallet in order to wipe the device and reinitialize with a new wallet and new recovery sentence.

  • Create a temporary wallet. (Exodus works great)
  • Send your funds to this wallet. Use “!” in your KeepKey amount field to ensure you have sent the max amount.
  • Verify the temporary wallet has received your funds and your KeepKey wallet has a 0 balance.
  • Wipe your KeepKey device:
  • Reinitialize with a new wallet:
  • Send your funds from the temporary wallet to the new KeepKey wallet.