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Bitcoin Gold Fork

As October 25, 2017 quickly approaches, we would like to clarify KeepKey’s intentions for the Bitcoin Gold (BTG) fork. BTG is a fork of the Bitcoin blockchain that is scheduled to occur at block 491407. The current recommendation by the BTG team is that users hold Bitcoin in their preferred wallet by October 25th in order to guarantee access to Bitcoin Gold.

KeepKey will not be adding support prior to the fork for Bitcoin Gold. If both sides of the fork prove to be viable, BTG will be added to our road map. As it stands, there is insufficient information for our development team to add Bitcoin Gold in accordance with our standards.

KeepKey customers are BTC blockchain users who hold their own private keys. KeepKey customers will have BTG on their KeepKey after the fork occurs, if they choose to hodl Bitcoin on the KeepKey. If you intend to hodl your BTG, no action is needed. KeepKey’s recommendation to users anticipating the BTG fork is to avoid transacting until it is safe to do so. KeepKey will not be preventing transactions during this time. Users also have the ability at any time to gain access to their BTG assets held on their KeepKey using a BIP44 wallet and their recovery sentence. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team here if you need assistance with recovery best practices. We are happy to help you to access your assets securely.

We encourage customers who need immediate access to their BTG to relocate their Bitcoin prior to the October 25, 2017 deadline into a wallet that has confirmed support is already in place for this new asset.

As a general note on forks – KeepKey ultimately aims to support all viable chains that result from forks of assets we support. Viability is determined based on hash power, adoptions by exchanges, and other mitigating factors.

We will publish updates to this post as more information is made available. If you have any additional questions regarding the Bitcoin Gold fork or forks in general please open a support ticket here.

UPDATE: Replay Protection for Bitcoin Gold is in place and has been reviewed by KeepKey Engineers. We are confident that Replay Protection has been successfully executed by the Bitcoin Gold team.