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New Release of KeepKey Wallet (v4.3.5)

KeepKey is pleased to announce a few new features:

  • Security notifications: A real-time notification system was added to the KeepKey Wallet application. KeepKey will use it to notify you when something happens that might affect the use of your KeepKey or the cryptocurrencies stored on it. For example, if there is an outage or a fork, we will notify you right away.
  • New feature popup: New features will now be announced on a screen that pops up while your accounts load in the background. It displays the first time you run the KeepKey Client after it was updated.
  • About page: An ‘About KeepKey’ page was added so that it easy to find our website, blog, and social media accounts.
    Other under-the-hood improvements
  • These changes will automatically be distributed to users who installed the KeepKey plugin through the Chrome store.

Stay tuned. There are more announcements coming in the next week!