Notes on ShapeShift Preparing for BIP 91 (Segwit2x) Activation

NOTE: The below announcement will not take effect until around midnight (July 22, 2017)/ Sunday (July 23, 2017) morning EDT at earliest. 


Dear ShapeShift Customers: 


In preparation for BIP 91 activation on Bitcoin that is set to occur this weekend (at approximately block 477121), ShapeShift would like to notify our customers on how we will be handling this Bitcoin network event at the time it occurs.


Due to an abundance of caution regarding the activation of BIP 91 on Bitcoin, ShapeShift will temporarily remove all trading capabilities with Bitcoin on our exchange – and within our API offerings – in order to ensure the orphaning of blocks causes no major consensus issues. No Bitcoin trading will be available at the time that this activation occurs until we feel that a clear outcome has been determined. HOWEVER, ShapeShift will continue to support all non-Bitcoin transactions.


If you were in the middle of a transaction that involved a bitcoin input or output when ShapeShift turns off trading, your order will complete but may take extra confirmation time (perhaps as long as a few hours). If you have questions about the status of an order, please contact our support team; they would be happy to look into the status:


PLEASE NOTE: The best thing you can do to protect your bitcoin during this time period is to not send or move your BTC. We HIGHLY recommend all Bitcoin holders not send bitcoin to any ShapeShift deposit address, or any other service, until those service providers have indicated that the network(s) are stable.


Timeline for Downtime:


As ShapeShift has no control over the BIP 91 activation, we have no way of predicting when we will able to provide Bitcoin trading services again. BTC trading will be re-enabled when the network has been deemed safe.


The best way to stay up-to-date with all BIP 91 updates as they relate to ShapeShift is by joining our networks:



Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time. We appreciate your continued patronage!

- The ShapeShift Team