ShapeShift 101: How to Reuse Deposit Addresses with ShapeShift Exchange

Our support team finds that our customers consistently want to know if they can reuse our deposit address in order to do the same sort of transaction over and over again. For example, let's say you have an exchange bot that you want to execute a bitcoin to Litecoin Exchange every Tuesday at 11 am. You would like to have a Bitcoin deposit address that every time bitcoin is sent to it, ShapeShift does an exchange to Ether. The short answer to this question is, yes.

Yes, it is possible to reuse our deposit address but only under two conditions. 


You can only reuse addresses that you create when doing a "quick" transaction. You CAN NOT reuse "precise" transaction addresses. Please keep this in mind.


You MUST turn the "Reusable Address?" toggle to the active position before you start your transaction. If you do not turn this on, your address will not be reusable. 

(Reuse toggle is now "active". In this position, you can reuse the deposit address for future transactions.")


(This is the toggle in the "off" position. You must turn it on before you start your transaction for it to allow you to reuse the address)