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TechCrunch’s “Trust Disrupted” Video Series Gives Overview of Blockchain Past, Present & Future

TechCrunch released their series “Trust Disrupted.” The series is based on the book “Digital Gold” by Nathaniel Popper.

Working in the blockchain industry and digital asset space, there’s no question that here at ShapeShift, we’re excited to help spread the word about this well-executed series that features some industry heavy hitters, technology organizations, and compelling stories. We’ve compiled some of the episodes for your viewing pleasure. Check them out below!

In the Beginning
Trust Disrupted |Bitcoin and the Blockchain S1: E1

For years, futurists and developers sought to create a truly digital currency. Finally, in 2009, they succeeded, with Bitcoin. Their secret? The blockchain. Now, the very institutions that Bitcoin sought to sidestep or overturn — governments and big banks — are co-opting that technology.

Mines and Miners
Trust Disrupted | Bitcoin and the Blockchain S1: E2

the heart of Bitcoin is the global network of mines and miners who run it, from the United States to China to the former Soviet Union. And this group of people not only process every Bitcoin transaction; they also play an outsized role in governing the system,  for better and for worse.

In Search Of Itself
Trust Disrupted: Bitcoin and the Blockchain S1: E3

As Bitcoin has grown, it’s been forced to contend with a flood of traffic on the network. Developers are divided about what to do.

Blockchain on the Rise
TrustDisrupted: Bitcoin and the Blockchain S1: E4

With Bitcoin facing an uncertain future, the technology behind Bitcoin, the blockchain, is poised to overtake its original application. Startups, central banks and massive financial institutions in New York, London, Shanghai and elsewhere are starting to get in on the game.

 Ethereum’s Blockchain
Trust Disrupted: Bitcoin and the Blockchain S1: E5

The blockchain project with the most traction is Ethereum. Led by the enigmatic Vitalik Buterin and a constellation of coders and venture capitalists, Ethereum could one day run the world. But the recent hack of its Decentralized Autonomous Organization has raised doubts.

Co-opt vs. Disrupt?
Truth Disrupted: Bitcoin and the Blockchain S1: E6