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Official Note on Ethereum from the ShapeShift Team (10/13/2016)

  • UPDATE (6:40 pm EST 10/13/2016): Ethereum order likely to continue to be problematic through Monday. See announcment from Ethereum on hard fork for details:

Update on Ethereum Orders:

As some are aware, there have been ongoing malicious attacks on the Ethereum network over the past week or two. The attacks are changing and evolving, and as one vector is fixed, others are opened up. This struggle could continue for a while, unfortunately, though we’re confident Ethereum will emerge stronger.

What this means for our users is this: Anyone doing an order with Ethereum (or Ethereum-based assets– Reputation REP, Digix DGD and SingularDTV SNGLS) should expect considerable delays in their order processing. Generally, Ethereum-based transactions are simply taking hours (or even a day or two) to get into their first block.

We will keep the Ethereum markets open for now, but if you use them, please expect considerable delays. You will not lose funds, but you may not see them arrive in your wallet any time soon.

This is a global issue affecting everyone using the Ethereum network, and the whole community is working together on solutions.

Thank you for bearing with us, there is never a dull day in cryptoland.

-The ShapeShift Team

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