ShapeShift releases Ethereum Splitter - Cleanly separate ETH and ETC


PLEASE NOTE! The Splitter Tool is no longer active. If we decide to relaunch this product, we will announce on our social channels.

ShapeShift has built a tool for users to easily separate their ETH and ETC. This is important since the fork happened - many Ethereum addresses have both Ethereum and Ethereum Classic balances, and sending can inadvertently result in lost funds on one or the other chain. Anyone can use the ShapeShift Ethereum Splitter to "clean" their balances, so that their Ethereum goes to a clean Ethereum address, and their Ethereum Classic goes to a clean Classic address. Funds can be sent into the splitter from any wallet or exchange.

Safely split your Ethereum here:

BEFORE YOU BEGIN, please note, in order to fully split your coins, your transaction must be "replayed." In order for a replay to occur, you must have a suffiecient balance on both chains. To check your balance for ETH and ETC, use the following links to plug your addreses. Do not send move than you have in your balance! If you do this by mistake, you will need to contact our customer support here.

Check ETC Balance:

Check ETH Balance:


If you have 100 ETH and and 50 ETC in the same account, a transaction of 60 ETH would NOT be replayed on ETC because a replay must be a duplicate of the TX and there is not enough ETC balance. If however you sent 40 ETH in the same situation the TX would most likely be replayed as there is enough balance on both chains

Here is a Step-by-Step guide on how to use the splitter tool: 

  1. Go to Notice, we offer directions on the right hand side of the screen, as well as a warning message below the address input area: 

  1. Input "clean" ETH and ETC addresses above. These are the addresses we will send your clean funds to once they have been split. NOTE: A clean address is an address created post-fork, which has only Ethereum coins or Ethereum Classic coins, but not both.

  1. Click "Start" after you have input these address and then send any Ethereum or Ethereum Classic to the address we provide to you. You will see "Awaiting Deposit" under this address until you have sent your funds. 

  1. Once we have recieved your funds, the status will change to "Deposit Received" 

  1. Once we have completed your order, you will see the status "You split is now completed" and you will be prompted to check your Ethereum Transaction and your Ethereum Classic Transaction

And that's all it takes!

Want to be a pro when using our service?

Please make note of the following best practices to ensure you are using the Splitter Tool correctly: 

  1. Please note, it can take up to 5 minutes for an order to complete. If you feel like it has taken longer than 5 minutes, please feel free to contact our support team HERE but please do not do this before the 5 minutes has elapsed. They will not be able to help you until after that time period. 
  2. Read ALL directions and warning notes before moving forward with your transaction
  3. NOTE: In order to provide this service, ShapeShift charges a fee of .25%, as well as the gas necessary to perform the transaction (around .02) 
  4. Make sure you ONLY input "clean" addresses in the receiving address boxes for your Ether and ETC
  5. Never send ETH to an ETC address and vice versa or the funds will become contaminated again, and you will need to re-clean them
  6. You MUST deposit over .5 ETH/ETC in order for the transaction to process