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Release Notes for Firmware 1.0.4, Proxy 0.3.7, Wallet 0.3.6

KeepKey is please to announce the another update to our Chrome wallet software and our device firmware. Here is a summary of functionality added with this release:

Changes visible to users

  • Added ssh authentication. (F)
  • Added detection of older firmware running on the device. (W, P)
  • Added button and screen with instructions for upgrading the firmware. (W)

Under the hood

  • Added a version string to the firmware file that can be read by the wallet build process. (F)
  • Updated max fee for Doge and LiteCoin. (F)
  • Updated protocol buffers to maintain protocol compatibility with Trezor. (F)
  • Support multiple ECDS curves when signing messages. (F)
  • Updated crypto to include fixes Trezor. (F)
  • Other misc. code improvements. (F)
  • Added detection of the firmware file version at build time, updated the firmware config file in the distribution bundle. (P)Changes tagged with (P) were made in the keepkey-proxy.
  • Changes tagged with (W) were made in the keepkey-wallet.
  • Changes tagged with (F) were made in the device firmware.

These changes will automatically be distributed to users who installed the KeepKey plugin through the Chrome store.