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PLEASE READ: Note on Scam Social Media Accounts and Website

Over the last few months we have had various reports of various scamming accounts being created on our social media accounts, as well as copy cat websites. With this becoming more of an issues over the last month, we would like to make a few notes about how to avoid falling victim to these scammers.

The reports that we have received from users that have become victims where found in the following ways:

  • Twitter accounts asking people to take surveys and then send a certain amount of bitcoin to be exchanged via twitter DMs
  • Twitter account asking people to send a certain amount of bitcoin to be exchanged via twitter DMs
  • Copy cat website that looks like but is spelled “” that provides you with a deposit address but does not do the exchange
  • Other copy cat websites that look different from the ShapeShift site but offer instant exchages and provide you with a deposit address but does not do the exchange

We would first like to address the scam issues with social media channels. NOTE: we will never ask you to send us bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency via social media channels. If you ever receive a message from a social media outlet providing you with a bitcoin or crypto address to send funds to, it is more than likely a scam. Please report it to us as soon as this happens on our support line HERE.

The Twitter handles that were creating these scams were creating accounts that had various spellings of our name. One was spelled “Shapehift”, another “ShapShift”. Notice it is a little hard to tell the errors of spelling as the first spelling leaves out he second “s” and the second spelling leaves out the “e” in “Shape”. Please make sure that you pay close attention to spelling of the account as our account is “ShapeShift_io”.

It is also important to know what type of social media channels ShapeShift owns. We have a Facebook, Twitter, Google + and post on various forums such as Bitcointalk. These official account are hosted at the following:

We do not have any other type of social media accounts at this time (and we will update this blog post if we add any new ones). Over the weekend a Instagram account was brought to our attention and the person that messaged us about it told us they would let us buy it from them to “prevent scams”. We have no need for an instagram account as our product is not visual enough to warrent such an account.  If you receive any messages from an Instagram account, please report to us and do not respond. The account can be see here.

As far as scam websites, since our API is free and open source, it is possible for indiviuals to create a copy cat site that looks similar to our site and create a conduit for people to send bitcoin to without actually sending the exchanged funds. In order for our service offerings to remain free and open to the public (as we intend it to always be), we do not have control over those sites who might utilize our service for negative usage. Thus, the most recent scam site, “” has scammed many of our users as they have made the site look exactly like our site.

We sent out a blog post about this last week, so to reiterate:

Since ShapeShift’s inception there have been multiple scam sites of this nature that have worked to scam users. There is not much ShapeShift can do to block these sites. In order to maintain that your exchange is on the secure ShapeShift site, here are a few tips and things to make note of:

  • Make sure you are seeing the secure HTTPS site. This protocol is what we use to ensure your transactions are secure. So the URL should look like this:
  • Double and triple check the name of the URL. This is a huge indicator. “” is our site. Any other variation, such as “ShapeShit” is not correct. Same goes for any social media outlets that look similar to us as we have reported having issues with a scammer on Twitter
  • Check the deposit limits: Although we are working to increase our deposit limits over time, if you see a limit over 100 BTC, it is more than likely not our site as we do not yet offer limits that high. This just allows the scammer to potentially gain more bitcoin from you (UPDATE: the scammer has adjusted their deposit limit to look a little more realistic. Bottom line, make sure it’s the HTTPS site in the URL and that the URL is spelled correctly)

In closing, we strive to keep our customers safe and will always alert the community and do our best to remove any scamming sites or social media outlets that we see. Please send us a ticket request with any questions you might have. You can submit HERE.

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