Purse.io Launching Marketplace to Complete with eBay

We are always excited to see what new, exciting offerings our partner companies release into the crypto space. Our partner, Purse.io, who integrated with ShapeShift's Shift Button a few months back to offer crypto payments, will be launching a new marketplace very soon that will allow anyone to sell their goods online without the need for a merchant account from a payment processor becasue Bitcoin or ShapeShift-supported coins will be used for payments.

Purse.io Co-Founder and CEO Andrew Lee noted in a recent article in CoinJournal that Purse's new marketplace is different from other similar offerings such as OpenBazaar and BitMarkets because the are focusing on

"ease-of-use and customer satisfaction instead of total anonymity."

Purse will also act as an escrow agent for all transactions on their new marketplace by taking advantage of the blockchain and multisignature addresses. We are pretty pumped to see how the company continues to grow. Want to learn more about Purse's new marketplace and hear more from CEO Anderew Lee? Read the full CoinJournal article