Back to Blog Releases Android App for Trading Every Major Digital Currency Instantly

Okay, you guys. We finally did it! We have worked our tails off and are finally excited to announce the release of our ShapeShift Android App! We won’t hold you in suspense. Go ahead and download the app on this button below:

Android users will now be able to trade Bitcoin with Dash, Litecoin, Ether and other digital assets at lightning speed anywhere they take their Android device.

Already available for iPhone, ShapeShift’s Android app allows users to trade bitcoin with other assets from the convenience of their mobile device without requiring an account, username, password, or email address, unlike any other exchange service. This model provides superior consumer protection as it doesn’t warehouse sensitive private information. “Shifting” coins is a no-hassle process, with users selecting their desired digital asset, specifying the payout address, and experiencing the conversion only moments after their deposit is received.

ShapeShift recently saw integrations with leading digital currency companies CoinKite and BitQuick, and released its “Skeleton” tool allowing any website to become a cryptocurrency exchange.

Looking for our iOS app? Click HERE to get a download link.