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ShapeShift has Added Ether to the Exchange

Many of you out there are probably elated by our addition of Ethereum. Our support line, email and social media channels were flooded with requests to get it on the exchange and we heard you loud and clear. We say to all of you, victory is yours.

Please welcome the much anticipated Ether to the ShapeShift exchange! You can now buy or sell Ether with dozens of digital assets with a few clicks of a button, no account required. SPECIAL NOTE: Confirmations for Ether take up to 3 hours, so please note this delay when exchanging with Ether (this will be the case with any exchange you use).

Click to learn more about Ethereum’s Frontier Phase.

“Ethereum is a wild project and will likely change software architecture in the same manner that Bitcoin is changing financial architecture,” explained Erik Voorhees, ShapeShift’s CEO. “The two projects are beautiful compliments to each other.”

About Ethereum:

The Ethereum platform is designed to enable advanced software development upon a decentralized architecture. Where Bitcoin was designed specifically as money, Ethereum attempts to apply true peer-to-peer principles to scripts and applications themselves. If successful, many future software products will not exist on a central server, but within the Ethereum blockchain, making them censorship-resistant and trustless. Augur, the world’s first decentralized prediction market, is one of the first high-profile projects built upon Ethereum.

By including Ethereum’s digital token on ShapeShift, software developers and users can immediately exchange between “Ether” and assets like Bitcoin or Litecoin, bringing seamless liquidity to the ecosystem.

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