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Introducing KeepKey, A Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

My name is Darin Stanchfield, and I am very proud to introduce you to the device we have been working on for the past year and a half. KeepKey is the result of a lot of work by a lot of people. I thought I would use this first blog post to tell you why KeepKey was built.

In February of 2014, bitcoin hardware wallets were quite sparse. New announcements for devices were popping up all the time: unfortunately most of these ended up being vaporware. As an early bitcoiner, I was growing impatient waiting for a bitcoin hardware wallet to store bitcoin securely. I also hated the disease that had taken over the bitcoin space: companies taking pre-orders. These same companies over promised on delivery dates, and almost always under delivered.

My frustration level peaked when a promised delivery date for a pre-order I had placed came and went. I was frustrated not only because I had nothing to show for the money I had spent, but I still had no easy way to store bitcoins securely with 100% confidence that my private keys were not leaked. I decided at that moment that instead of waiting for a device to be built by someone else, I was going to take up the initiative myself. And so the seed of the idea for KeepKey was born. My goal became to create a device that bridged the gap between hot wallets and cold storage, without sacrificing security.

I also made a promise to myself that we would never accept a pre-order for KeepKey. Hardware manufacturing is like most things: the unexpected happens. Good planning still results in delays. But those delays belong to us, and we will never pass them down to our customers and their money. We think it is the right way to do business.

I have been using KeepKey to store my bitcoins for the last few months. It is a great little device. I think when you get your hands on one you will see why I love it.