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There is currently an ongoing, multiday “stress test” (or spam attack, depending on your point of view) occurring on the Bitcoin network. Many thousands of transactions are occurring, which are overflowing the blocks and causing confirmation delays – sometimes significant ones.

For this reason, any Bitcoin transactions sent by customers to ShapeShift (ie – Bitcoin to Dash conversion, etc) may get significantly delayed. If the Bitcoin transaction doesn’t confirm, ShapeShift can’t process it and can’t convert into the outgoing coin. The order may take a long time, or fail altogether (in which case you can get a refund).

Practical Tips:

1) “Specific amount” transactions (with BTC as the input) with ShapeShift right now will be more problematic because they guarantee a rate and have a 10 minute window. Transactions are likely to be delayed past 10 minutes, and thus Specific Amount transactions will often fail. To avoid this, we recommend using only normal transactions (not Specific Amount) until this stress test/spam attack has ended.

2) If your order takes a very long time to process, don’t worry. Your funds won’t get lost anywhere. The transaction will eventually process once your transaction confirms, or the order will fail and we’ll send you a refund.

3) If you are doing Altcoin → BTC, the BTC sent to you may take a long time to confirm. There is nothing to do in this case except wait (and don’t worry, it’ll confirm eventually).

4) Transactions with non-BTC inputs or outputs (ie – Litecoin to Dogecoin, etc) are not affected by the Bitcoin stress test. We’re getting a high volume of customer support requests, so please accept our apologies if there is a delayed response. Ultimately, everything is okay, just moving slowly. These are the growing pains of a burgeoning technology. The Honey Badger continues its relentless march.


-The ShapeShift Team