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Woah there, friends. We know what you are thinking. ShapeShift is now accepting fiat? Nope. Nada. But our friends at have integrated the ShapeShift API so they can now allow their customers to have access to a larger order book of altcoins to make those purchases. 

AltQuick, an off-shoot of, enables users (like YOU!) to buy digital currencies with a cash deposit via cash deposit at a local bank or credit union. Originally launched to provide an order book of altcoins from an altcoin order book like their partner company, BitQuick, the site integrated with ShapeShift and is now able to offer a larger order book of altcoins by mirroring the BitQuick order book. It’s pretty awesome. We like it, and we think you will like it, too.

“Up until now, despite the heavy interest in various cryptocurrency projects out there, they’ve been relatively difficult to acquire, especially with fiat. Our integration with ShapeShift allows us to conveniently mirror’s orderbook onto in a variety of cryptocurrencies supported by ShapeShift,” said AltQuick CEO and Founder Jad Mubaslat. “I’m excited about this for a variety of reasons, but most importantly we will be able to service different cryptocurrency community enthusiasts, while at the same time increasing BitQuick’s liquidity.”

AltQuick allows for the full range of ShapeShift-supported coins to be purchased:

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 2.00.05 PM.png

Choose from a large order book to make your purchases: 

AltQuick Order Book.png

Want to try it out? Click HERE

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