Recommended Bitcoin Miner Fee

per transaction

This fee is an estimate of what you should pay as a mining fee if you want your Bitcoin transaction confirmed quickly. This number rises and falls with congestion on the network. A fee below this amount may result in your transaction being delayed.

  • Fee per tx:
  • Mempool: @
  • Last Block: min ago ( )
  • Last Update:


Method: GET

Success Output:


  recommendedFeeInSatoshi_btc: '48601',

  memPoolStat_btc: { count: 5455, size: 4702909.5 },

  lastBlockStat_btc: { 'time-utc': '2016-12-06T20:17:35Z', size: '998168' },

  lastUpdatedStat_btc: 'Tuesday Dec 6th 16, 13:23 GMT'


Sorry, this data is not currently available.
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