Become a Partner

The ShapeShift affiliate program is offered to those websites that integrate with our API, Shifty Button or Skeleton Tool. For those integrators, we provide an affiliate payout/commission program where we send you .25% each month based on the total amount of volume in bitcoin your integration provides.

For example, if during the entire month your integration provides 25 BTC worth of volume, we would send you .0625 BTC for your payout. (25 x .0025 = .0625 BTC).

PLEASE NOTE: All potential affiliates must contact us to be approved before we add you to our affiliate/partner list. Want to apply to become an affiliate? Click the link below and fill out and submit the form.

Affiliates earn back 0.25% of total BTC volume every month

ShapeShift paid out over 100 BTC to affiliates in the month of march.

Business Contact Info

This information allows us to track volume for business affiliates, and send out commission and transaction reports for you.

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